The Recycling Wizard

The Recycling Wizard captivates audiences of all ages and inspires the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, rot) inside and outside of school. Educator, environmentalist and master juggler Doug Nolan will surprise and delight your students (and teachers!) with extraordinary feats of dazzling dexterity and innovative comedy.  Students leave the assembly empowered to be an environmental steward of their family and school community.  A brand new show is written ever year to keep the message timely and the antics fresh!

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Shows are customized to the specific needs and messaging of regional recycling and waste reduction programs. 

The best assembly I’ve ever been to… professional, entertaining, educational… time well spent.
— Kelly Rozario, Peralta Elementary School, Oakland
Extraordinary stage presence and phenomenal performance! Doug is professional and highly-talented.
— Anita Hayward, Principal of Hanna Ranch School, Hercules, CA
They were having such a good time, they barely noticed that they were learning and important lesson.
— Bruce Simon, Washington Magnet School, Berkeley

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